Welcome to Perkins Cove Cottage

Thank you for selected our home as your vacation place here in Ogunquit, Maine!

We have put together this information on the Perkins Cove Oceanfront Cottage that will provide helpful information during your stay. We ask our guests to go over the house and report any issues immediately to the owner.  Thank again for your being our guest!!

Sincerely Jason Corbin

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First Floor Fireplace Located at the base of the stairs you will find a timer like the one above. Turn the white deal to the desired time. Second Floor Fireplace Located to the right of the fireplace FYI IT will take a few seconds for it to turn on please be patient.. Also do not any of the mechanics below the fireplace. Video of Fireplace Instructions

Emergency Contact Information Medical Services 
Emergency Assistance         911

York-Wells Urgent Care        207-283-7323

York Hospital                         207-641-8010

State of Maine Poison Control Center    800-222-1212

Your Current House Address: 113 Perkins Cove Road Ogunquit, Maine 03907

Owner Contact: Jason Corbin    617-548-9397 or Ken Holmes       978-369-6767

Internet Access Username: perkinscovecottage  Password: Provided at Check In

Keyless Entrance Code: Provided at Checkin

Local Information and Activities:




There is one parking space provided. Please park to the far left hand side of the driveway. (The spot to the right is the neighbors.)


Trash containers are located under the stairs. They will be emptied at the end of your stay.


Please feel free to use the electric grill, but please clean before it cools down. Thanks!

1.)    Power on television with TV REMOTE  We use HULU Live
TV Instruction Video